Machine information

  • Capactiy 50m³/h*
  • Mixer JS500
  • FootPrint 350㎡*
  • Discharge height 4.2m*

2HZS25 Concrete Batching Plant

2-HZS25 concrete batch plant, it refers to the concrete plant that equips with two JS500 concrete mixers and two sets of aggregate batchers, its output is twice as much as HZS25. Moreover, 2HZS25  has a small footprint due to its unique installation layout. Usually, the two sets of hzs25 batching plants produce cooperatively. However, if one of them suddenly shuts down due to some unexpected cases, the other can still produce normally, maximizing the normal progress of the construction period.

Camelway 2hzs25 concrete plant owns the superiority such as simple structure, easy to disassemble and transport, convenient for job site construction. It is widely used in small and medium-sized concrete projects, such as road and bridge construction, water conservancy projects, prefabricated parts factories, and brick factories.

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1. How much is the concrete batching plant?

The price of the concrete plant is affected by multiple factors, such as raw material cost, logistics transportation cost, labor cost, ect. In addition, the configuration of the concrete plant is tailored to the customer's specific demands. Due to different configuration, which means that the price is changed, so we are unable to provide online quotes. We will send you the configuration plan and quotation after you send us your requirements.

2. Delivery Time?

The concrete plant with capacity below 60m³/h, which will be sent within 7 days, otherwise within one month.


  1. The capacity of the concrete plant is theoretical productivity, and the actual capacity will be a little less than the theoretical value.
  2. The footprint mainly refers the space of the batching plant equipment, it does not contain the floor space of the aggregate yard, living area, laboratory and other functional areas. The same type of concrete plant could adopt different structural layouts due to users' needs. Footprints are different from the standard footprint.
  3. Discharging height is the receiving height of the standard concrete mixer truck,which can be adjusted according to the actual need.


Camelway offer Complete Solution and Equipments for 2HZS25 Concrete Batching Plant. Thank You For Contacting US