The aggregate batcher, otherwise known as the aggregate bin, is an automated device for materials weighing and distribution. In concrete batching plants, the aggregate is normally metered by means of weighing. Generally, different grades of concrete have different requirements for the type and proportion of aggregates. Before deciding to invest in a concrete batching plant, you need to determine the grade of concrete to be produced in order to select the right concrete aggregate bin.

Camelway focuses on the production of concrete production equipment over 30 years. We can not only manufacture a variety of concrete batching plants, but also different types and specifications of aggregate bins. The aggregate bin has the advantages of performances such as large capacity and accurate metering. At the same time, the number of aggregate bins can be customized. In addition, the equipment can be used not only in concrete batching plants, but in continuous mixing plants. Generally, it is used to meter and distribute the other types of solid materials.

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